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Many of you already know about some of the recent events concerning various YouTube performers and allegations of sexual misconduct. When I read about this (and it seems to come and come right now), I thought, “I have nothing to add to this.” So I just watched. And was sad. And also heartened by…

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It’s nice to see it worked out, back-of-the-envelope-style.

(via @jdwarren11 and @universetoday​ on Twitter)

**Observable Universe…not “universe” which ay well have an infinite number of stars.

700 trillion m^3 of beach sand, what about desert sand?

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I remember when this changing table didn’t have graffiti on it.

Higher class of graffiti in America, if this was in England there would be way more penises, swears, and far less grammar.

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Opening at the IMA April 5!

So excited for this. It’s huge for the city of Indianapolis to have a show of this caliber come to our art museum.

(That’s a real Ming Dyansty vase, incidentally. Or it was, anyway.)

What makes this art, and not vandalism of historical Artifacts?

(Also Han Dynasty not Ming)

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Saw this in Waterstones. First IRL evidence of Nerdfighters I’ve seen.

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Just got back to my laptop and Hank Green is singing Forever yours for #P4A so awesome

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THE TRUTH REVEALED. Dear Internet. I apologize for this. But I have agreed to come clean about certain conversations between John Green and myself. 

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Hank Green's Tumblr: Understanding is the only Inviolable Skill


I was in a fancy restaurant in Spokane Washington when I realized it. I had, in front of me, a gelatinous block of wheat gluten and nutritional yeast that cost $22 and beyond that, a gorgeous stained glass window that was probably installed in the building more than 100 years ago.

On my walk…